2018 Team Picture Day – April 3rd

It’s that time of year again. Coach Payne will be at practice on Tuesday, April 3rd, for team pictures.

Coach Payne will be taking individual pictures for the team yearbook/program, as well as group pictures. Make sure to bring your team T-Shirt and your meanest wrestling face.

There will be three group pictures taken during the gap between the junior and senior practices: one with just the junior group, one with a combined group of junior and senior, and one with just the senior group. Please have patience as we juggle people in and out. We will try to get everything wrapped up as fast as possible with no broken bones or broken hearts.

Parents and athletes: If you choose not to participate in team pictures, we understand and support your decision. If so, please make your wishes clear to Coach Payne and the volunteer team.

If you would like digital copies of your own or your child’s pictures, please reach out to Coach Payne via Facebook or e-mail.