Registration Basics

We offer both high school and youth programs. If you’re interested but uncertain, we offer a free trial period to newcomers. Just come to one of the scheduled practices and have fun. The schedule is found on the top-right of the home page.

High School Athletes

Most of the wrestlers in Sarnia/Lambton are high school athletes. All of the high school wrestling programs in the area collaborate to some degree with the Sarnia/Bluewater Wrestling Club (SBWC). Some schools roll SBWC membership into their athletic fees. Some schools encourage enrolment, but allow athletes to register on their own. Ask your coach about club practices. Registration cost includes OAWA membership.

Benefits of Registration

  • More Tournaments
    OAWA Championships, National Championships, Ontario Winter Games, Canada Summer Games, FILA Cadet Pan-American Championships, FILA Cadet World Championships and more
  • More Practices
    Most high school wrestlers practice 4x a week for 14 weeks. SBWC members practice an additional 2x a week year round. You get better twice as fast.
  • More Coaches
    There are many styles of athletes and many styles of coaches. We have lots of coaches from around the city. Find one that wrestles like you and work with them.

Youth Athletes

The Sarnia/Bluewater Wrestling Club runs a youth wrestling program from January-April. Registration is open to all elementary students. Registration costs include OAWA membership, t-shirt, banquet ticket and more.

Benefits of Youth Wrestling

  • It’s Fun!
    They’re going to wrestle around anyway, best to train them how to do it right.
  • Keeping Active
    With TV, computers, tablets and all the other distractions, it’s hard to keep children active. Being part of a team, training one-on-one with partners keeps our youth dedicated and moving.
  • Making Friends
    Sports are a great way to get out and meet people. But so many sports are expensive! Wrestling just requires you to show up. We charge a small registration fee, but there are no required equipment costs and all travel/competition options are purely optional.